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German Travel & Tourism Blog

Hut tips for high-level hiking

It’s peak season in the Alps. Magdalena Seifert has some useful advice.

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What the world loves most about Germany

Barbara Geier comments on the results of a survey of the German National Tourist Board

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Do Germans have a sense of humour?

Germany may be serious-minded, but it also loves a good laugh, says Dr Angela Schattner of the German Historical Institute in London.

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Wa-hey! It’s spargel time!

Translator Susanne Pleines lifts the lid on a national obsession with (daylight-deprived) asparagus

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Woodcraft nirvana in Saxony

Brian Starbuck stumbles across a whole town dedicated to traditional toys and figures.

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Andrew Eames

Will I get a Knöllchen for driving too fast?

Do the Germans pursue foreign drivers? Or have I got away with it?

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Looking at others – yes. Being looked at – no!

Online communication expert Benjamin Buhl is all for going digital, Germany sometimes less so.

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How I fell in love with Germany

Tour operator Russell Hafter recalls first impressions of a nation which is now his main destination.

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An inexplicable attraction

How a teenager from a small village in Ireland fell in love with a far-off land.

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For Germany, walk this way

Easy hiker Michael Schürmann has some sure-footed suggestions of walking itineraries

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