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Why Germany Who We Are

Andrew Eames

Andrew Eames

Andrew Eames is a travel writer and author with a particular penchant for things German. Over the years he has written about Germany for a range of UK newspapers, including the Times, the Telegraph, the Daily Express, the Evening Standard and the Independent.

Barbara Geier

Barbara Geier

Barbara Geier is originally from Schifferstadt, near Speyer in the Palatinate region. She worked at the German National Tourist Office in London promoting Germany as a travel destination to the British media, and now works as a writer, translator and communications consultant.

Schloss Hohenschwangau, Bavaria

Speicherstadt, Hamburg

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Germany in the News

Northern Germany

Northern Germany is a subtle place and a taste that needs to be acquired.

Mostly flat or gently undulating, its scenery is a continuation of the Netherlands, in a landscape of rich farmland carved up by canals and rivers, with big skies and big cattle and fabulous brick-built farmhouses.

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Southern Germany

The most-visited region of Germany has everything, great cities, rivers, vineyards, lakes and mountains.

When the Creator was over-flying Germany, distributing eye-candy from state to state, he emptied his basket over Bavaria. Today, the sheer variety of landscapes in Bavaria and its neighbouring Black Forest (in the state of Baden-Württemberg) makes the south the most popular tourist region in Germany.

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Eastern Germany

The formerly Communist eastern side of Germany has beaches, lakes, historic cities, and the nation’s capital, Berlin.

During the Communist era the Baltic Coast became a huge destination for ordinary citizens who were restricted in their travel. And southwards, the lakes of Mecklenburg were ideal for a Berliner’s weekends away. Beyond Berlin lies Germany’s cultural triangle, home to Goethe and Luther, and the painstakingly reconstructed city of Dresden.

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Western Germany

The West of Germany is a pot-pourri of places, landscapes, flavours and ideas.

In many parts it could so easily be part of Belgium, with echoes (in the Eifel region) of the rolling forests of the Ardennes, or of France, with the terraced vineyards of the Rhineland Palatinate producing up to 80 percent of Germany’s exported wines.

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