Weird & Wunderbar

Uncovering Deutschland's stranger side

Weird & Wunderbar

Things that make us smile about Germany

Seriously good over-fly of Germany; what a wonderful world we live in.

Travel and transport:

Things we just like:

Google Street View Man
What exactly is going on? Google streetview captured this intriguing scene in Mannheim

And finally, a handful of linguistic curiosities

  • Die dümmsten Bauern haben die dicksten Kartoffeln – “The most stupid farmers have the biggest potatoes”. (Fortune favours fools.)
  • Der Teufel scheißt immer auf den größten Haufen – “The devil is always shitting on the biggest heap”. (Money makes money.)
  • Der hat doch den Arsch offen – “He’s got his arse open”. (He’s crazy.)
  • Lügen haben kurze Beine – “Lies have short legs”. (Lies soon catch up with you.)
  • Vorsicht ist die Mutter der Porzellankiste – “Caution is the mother of the porcelain box”.  (It’s better to be safe than sorry.)
  • Da beißt die Maus keinen Faden ab – “There bites the mouse no thread”. (That’s all there is to it.)
  • Da liegt der Hund begraben – “This is where the dog is buried”.  (This is the crux of the matter.)
  • Er hat nicht alle Tassen im Schrank – “He doesn’t have all his cups in the cupboard”. (He’s nuts.) Thanks to Dorothea Bensen