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Posts tagged: Riesling

Posts tagged: Riesling

Germany Holidays: The Rhine at its best

The Rhine gorge, from Rudesheim to Koblenz, is an outstanding slice of scenery and history, not to mention viniculture and gastronomy. Best seen from a bike, boat or walking trail.

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Never mind the war, just don’t mention Liebfrauenmilch

German wines don’t get the recognition in the UK they deserve. Claudia Pech from German Wine Agencies brings us up to date.

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Andrew Eames

A bridge too far?

*UPDATE: Bridge-building is back in action, as the Green Party is forced to acknowledge it will cost more to stop than to proceed. *UPDATE: following regional elections at the beginning of April, the newly-empowered Green Party has called a halt to the building of the bridge described in the blog below, so the Moselle is […]

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Wine in Germany: Neustadt

Germany Holidays: Classy wines, stunning scenery

German wines can hold their heads up with the best, as every wine connoisseur knows. Just don’t mention Blue Nun.

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