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Of bombs, X-rays and wine

In celebration of Würzburg, a city that was nearly lost in World War II.

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Barbara Geier

Happy Birthday Bauhaus!

The design movement may be 100 years old, but it is still supremely fresh

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Fußball’s rebels

It may not have won anything, but St Pauli FC is unique in Germany

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Mouthwatering stuff

A selection of Germany’s regional specialities that’s guaranteed to make you feel hungry

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Oops, ich Dummkopf!

Beware the unwritten rules of German social behaviour!

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Mythical Deutsche Bahn

There’s a commonly held belief that Germany’s trains all run on time. Sadly, it’s not true.

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Ebbelwoi etiquette

Demystifying the traditions of Frankfurt’s apple wine subculture

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Zum fußball, with love

An enthusiast for all things German explains why he makes a beeline for the Bundesliga when he can.

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When luxury becomes lean

The entrepreneur explains the philosophy behind his ‘Lean Luxury’ brand, Ruby Hotels

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Yes, we have no blue nuns

The founder of a German wine tour company has a strategy for dealing with Riesling-haters. 

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