By Road

Getting to Germany

By Road

A web of motorways crosses northern Europe, and are toll-free provided you avoid the French system.

German police carThey can be very heavy with traffic during working hours, so do not necessarily guarantee quick journey times. In general, through, Germany’s western border can be reached in upwards of four hours from the Channel ports.

Bear in mind that while some of Germany’s autobahns are effectively speed-limit free, the same does not apply to the motorways of other countries! You will, of course, need to carry a certificate of insurance for your vehicle (or Green Card if your certificate doesn’t mention European cover) as well as your driving licence and vehicle registration certificate.

It is a legal requirement for all cars to carry a warning triangle, a first aid kit, and for left-hand-drive cars to alter the beam on car headlights for driving on the right hand side.

Distances between Channel ports and German cities in Kilometres

Dieppe Calais Ostend Zeebrugge Hook of Holland
BERLIN 1067 926 837 819 656
COLOGNE 525 421 333 317 285
FRANKFURT 698 603 514 494 486
HAMBURG 931 763 677 666 518
MUNICH 974 992 902 883 882
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