Germany Holidays: the story of the VW Beetle

The VW Beetle, the much-loved People’s Car, was suggested by Hitler, designed by Porsche, and would have gone out of production if it hadn’t been for a certain British major.

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Beeksheepers in costume by half timbered farmhouse

Germany Holidays: Platt Deutsch

Moin Moin! Northern Germans have great affection for their regiolect, Platt Deutsch, which actually shares a surprising number of words with English.

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winter service

Germany Holidays: The Harz Mountain Railway

A beautifully-preserved, enthusiast-run, steam-hauled railway network which serves historic towns and villages in a spectacular landscape.

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Pavillon in den Herrenhaeuser Gaerten

Germany Holidays: The House of Hanover

Britain got 200 years’ worth of Kings from Hanover, and Hanover reciprocated with lovely English gardens, but we showed the city little respect during the Second World War.

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Kiel Canal Schleuse Holtenau

Germany Holidays: The Kiel Canal

It isn’t half as famous as the Panama or the Suez, but Germany’s Kiel Canal is the most heavily used artificial seaway in the world.

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Otto von Bismarck Deutsches Bundesarchiv/Wikimedia

So what happened to the Prussians?

The Prussians were the economic and political force behind the establishment of modern Germany, but where are they now?

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