Germany Holidays: Düsseldorf, the Ruhr’s front room

A landmark city on the Rhine, rich in architecture and art, where the Ruhr’s industrialists splash their cash and their workers come for their big days out.

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Germany Holidays: Lübeck’s Nobel laureates

Two great figures of German literature and one world status politician: the Hanseatic city of Lübeck has nurtured them all

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Germany Holidays: Freewheeling Münster, city of bikes and students

Germany’s cycling capital has over 50,000 students and an estimated 500,000 bikes, not to mention acres of green space. It’s not surprising that so many young people want to study here.

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Germany Holidays: the story of the VW Beetle

The VW Beetle, the much-loved People’s Car, was suggested by Hitler, designed by Porsche, and would have gone out of production if it hadn’t been for a certain British major.

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Sweet hearts

Germany Holidays: The Hamburger DOM

No, not the cathedral – this DOM is the northern German equivalent of Munich’s Oktoberfest, but with more rollercoasters.

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Germany Holidays: Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg’s model railway

The world’s finest model railway is in Hamburg. Prepare to be surprised by its extraordinary ambition, gorgeous detailing, and surprising sense of humour.

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Museums and architecture n Germany: MARTa in Herford

Germany Holidays: Travel along the Museum and Architecture Route

Germany is a major centre for modern architecture, as demonstrated by a new Museum and Architecture Route in Northern Germany.

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King George I of England, painted by Sir Godfrey Kneller

Germany Holidays: The House of Hanover

Britain got 200 years’ worth of Kings from Hanover, and Hanover reciprocated with lovely English gardens, but we showed the city little respect during the Second World War.

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Kiel Canal Schleuse Holtenau

Germany Holidays: The Kiel Canal

It isn’t half as famous as the Panama or the Suez, but Germany’s Kiel Canal is the most heavily used artificial seaway in the world.

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Germany Holidays: Pied Piper of Hamelin

Germany’s most famous fairytale, the Pied Piper of Hamelin, has its setting in a pretty town on the banks of the river Weser.

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