Germany Holidays: Try Heidelberg for romance and an ultra-chic boutique hotel

It looks like an elegant villa from the outside and is full of style on the inside. The Heidelberg Suites are fashionably romantic.

Take the prestigious Italian architect Michele Bönan, present him with a 19th century villa complex in Heidelberg and let him get on with it. The result is the Heidelberg Suites, a mixture of German romanticism, classicism, and first-class 21st century amenities. This luxury boutique hotel was opened in 2009, and its interior includes furniture designed by the architect exclusively for the property (you can buy it as well) and is a pitch-perfect combination of classic design with a contemporary twist.

Add to that the location overlooking the Neckar with all rooms featuring views of Heidelberg Castle and the Old Town and you’ll be considering moving in for good. Heidelberg Suites may not be located in one of the capitals of the world but it can nevertheless keep up with most international boutique hotels and has already been named in a guide to the world’s most beautiful hotels.

A place for the very romantic at heart

All of the 25 suites come with a kitchen and espresso machine and if you really want to splash out, go for the Penthouse Suite with its rooftop terrace and Jacuzzi on top. The hotel also offers a number of extras for its guests, such as bikes to be used for free to explore Heidelberg and its surroundings, a chauffeur-driven golf cart for short trips into town and up to the castle, or a limousine service for pick-up at the airport The latest addition to the extras on offer is the Patria, a boat from the 1930s that is anchored on the Neckar just across from the hotel and functions as a restaurant, café and bar.

To sum it all up: this is the right place for a very romantic city break. Just be careful with your heart – they tend to go astray in Heidelberg, as in the famous German song: „Ich hab mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren.“ (I lost my heart in Heidelberg.)

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