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Studio visiting in Berlin

Art and museum curator Silvia Calderoni turns the spotlight on three Berlin-based artists who welcome visitors to their studios.

Since the fall of the Wall, innovative artists have flocked to Berlin from all over Germany and around the world. Carlos Silva, for example, from Columbia, works in a light-filled space in Berlin-Mitte. There he creates abstract paintings in primary colours and environmental installations which are inspired by architecture and geometry.

Meanwhile, over in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Pola Brändle collects abandoned advertising posters and recyclable materials, which she then uses to assemble collages in her chaotic and experimental studio. Her artworks are a mirror of what Berlin represents for creative people; a multicultural melee of human beings from all over the world who feel the need to destroy institutional boundaries and experiment in new art practices.

Also representing his surroundings, but once more in a different medium, is German photographer Robin Resch. In his studio in Berlin-Fahrbereitschaft he creates images that are a gateway to another perspective. He is particularly interested in exploring how brutalist buildings have shaped people’s lives, as well as changing the landscape in which it they were built. As Winston Churchill once said: ’We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us’.

These three artists, and more, can be visited at work in their studios on a private art tour organised by coGalleries. The company, founded by Robin Resch, promotes tours and artist studio visits with the goal of exchanging art stories and removing the distance between art‘s creators and viewers.

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