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Why the GIs like Germany

Elvis Presley famously liked the frolleins when he did his military service. Now ex-GI Josh Spaulding picks out those bits of German life that particularly appeal to him and his colleagues.

The Night Life

German bars and clubs are a favourite past-time, especially among the younger soldiers and non-commissioned officers. Though some young soldiers cannot control themselves and end up getting into trouble as a result, most are disciplined enough to enjoy the night-life while maintaining the professional, well-disciplined lifestyle that society generally attributes to US service members as a whole.

The bars and clubs, while certainly having a degree of uniqueness, are for the most part very much like those in any other country. However, they can be more lively, especially in those cities and towns that host US military installations.

The Diverse Travel Opportunities

Germany sits in the middle of many top European tourism destinations. Popular countries like France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Czech Republic are just a train ride away and when using the super-fast ICE trains, that train ride is potentially a short one.

With so many countries within such a short distance, many soldiers fill their time stationed in Germany with trip after trip to different European countries. Germany is one of the best spots to live if you enjoy tourism. Many service members take full advantage of being stationed in such a central location.

German Food and Beer

There are many traditional German dishes that are enjoyed by US service members.  Jägerschnitzel (hunter’s cutlet, usually pork or veal with a creamy mushroom sauce), Bratwurst sausage and the many German breads are widely enjoyed. But there are also many non traditional foods in Germany that the military enjoy, such as Turkish doner kebab and Greek gyros. Of course the famous German beer is also a favourite, including (but not limited to) the number one choice Hefeweizen (an unfiltered wheat beer) and Dunkelweizen (a dark wheat beer).

Cheap, Easy Public Transport

The public transport system in Germany is a pleasant surprise to most service members, as there is nothing like it in the United States. You can get on a bus or train and get anywhere, not only in Germany, but within Europe! That is a unique and exciting thing to people who have always had to rely on cars back home.


Josh Spaulding is a US Army veteran who was stationed in Germany for five years. He and his wife Claudia, who was born and raised in Germany, write about their passion for German Tourism at

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