Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) hotels

Fürstenhof Hotel

This is an extremely posh residence in the middle of a sleepy little, pretty little, half-timbered town, not far from Hanover (which is not a particularly nice place to stay). Its slightly out-the-way location makes it work harder at being thoroughly excellent, so it is not as expensive as it should be. The building, the Palais Adelebsen, dates back to 1670, the former seat of the family von der Osten, and it has a history of Venetian beggar boys and Niedersachsen robber barons. The atmosphere is of an exclusive weekend house-party and there are two restaurants, one of which is Michelin-starred. The hotel belongs to the exclusive Althoff collection, which has a dozen other similarly upmarket properties, mostly in Germany.

What you need to know



In Celle


Althoff Hotel Fürstenhof Celle,
Hannoversche Strasse 55/56
29221 Celle
Niedersachsen, Germany


0049 (0)5141 2010

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