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Gut Klostermühle

Billed as a nature resort and medical spa, this place was first a monastery mill (thus Klostermühle) back in the 18th century, then a holiday estate for East Germany’s secret police. The idyllic lakeside setting is a pretty good start, but there’s also a spa, a concert hall, outdoor and indoor pools, etc. The owners, an enthusiastic couple from Dusseldorf, have supplemented the original building by  more modern residences to provide more rooms. The region around the neighbouring Alt-Madlitz castle is really beautiful, close to the bewitched Oderbruch forest.

What you need to know



West of Frankfurt (Oder)


Gut Klostermühle
Mühlenstrasse 11
15518 Madlitz-Wilmersdorf
OT Alt-Madlitz
Brandenburg, Germany


0049 (0)33607 59290

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