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Meet our Germany experts: Rachel Johnson, author and editor of The Lady

Rachel Johnson might have to catch up on Berlin and its thriving culinary scene, but the writer and editor of The Lady certainly knows a thing or two about Bavaria, partly thanks to a new book project to follow the bestselling Notting Hell.

We know that you have a bit of a soft spot for Bavaria. Why is that?

Well, my grandmother lived in Munich in the 1930s, and I am writing a book partly set in Bavaria, so I’ve been several times in the last couple of years and always loved it. The Germans are so hospitable. I love the mountains, the wooded slopes, the tidiness – they are so proud of their country, and take care of it.

What has been your most memorable Germany travel experience so far?

I went to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and I was shown the old wooden bobsleigh hut that dates back to 1936 or even earlier, which was used during the Winter Olympics 1936, and was allowed to sit in all the old bobsleighs. It was absolutely charming and like going back in time 70 years.

Any particular cities or places in Germany that you’d still like to explore and why?

I’d like to spend more time in Berlin. I went there in my twenties after the Wall came down. The food was pretty basic, but the atmosphere was incredible.

Why do you think Germany still has the reputation in the UK of not being a country for holidays?

History. It’s just not marketed as a destination, but that is changing. The Brits love city breaks and Munich is a natural – it’s got food, culture, skiing, the lot. I’d also love to spend time in the Black Forest, and see what German skiing is like.

Your ultimate Germany travel suggestion for UK travellers?

A weekend in the Kempinski Vier Jahreszeiten in Munich, a trip to the Opera, the Hofbräuhaus, some shopping, the museums, the English Garden.

Please complete: Germany is Wunderbar because …

… no one knows how wonderful it is and it will be like your own special secret place.

Rachel is interested in the Black Forest, Berlin and Skiing in Germany, so here are some Wunderlinks for her:


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One response to “Meet our Germany experts: Rachel Johnson, author and editor of The Lady”

  1. Dear Rachel, your memories of “pretty basic food” in Berlin are clearly outdated. My god, I wouldn´t know where to begin and where to end. Berlin has become THE dining capital of Germany, with new, extremely “cool” and creative restaurants opening almost every day. Let me show you around a bit, when you come again… Cheers, Stefan

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