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Blood on the sheets?

With peak holiday period in mind, German website has come up with a curious list of domestic tips for hoteliers.

– Dried up blood on sheets and pillowcases can be removed with lukewarm water and a meat tenderizer (!)

– A 50/50 mixture of water and vodka placed in a spray bottle and then spread on upholstery removes all stale odours.

– Dirty mirrors can be made to gleam without any smears by using shaving cream which also prevents misting up of the glass.

– Particularly useful and environmentally friendly for cleaning wash basins, showers and so on is the use of orange peel. Just rub over the enamelled surfaces with the inside of the peel and rinse well with water. A pleasant fruity perfume remains.

– The reception area is a hotel’s mecca. If staff are not there, or ‘distracted by watching porn’, most of your guests will be confused.

The organisation has also found that some 65 percent of hotel complaints are over extra charges for the likes of Wifi, parking, and breakfast. That is followed by service, breakfast range, quality of beds and uncleanliness.

Overall, though, their research found that 70 percent of hotels booked matched up to customer expectations, and  20 percent exceeded expectations.


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